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Hijack This File Extension?

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When I run HJT and save logfile I can't read the log because it's saved with a file extension my computer can't read. Infact the icon image is something I've never seen. With Windows98 how can I change the file extension on the HJT Logfile to make it readable? I wanna post on here to get help, but I can't open to copy and paste.


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no prob... you can change the file association for log files to open using notepad upon double clicking...

go to explorer's view -> folder options

select "file types" tab and search for log extension... then click "edit"...

select the "open" action and click "edit"... browse to notepad... :P

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thanks tarun for correcting me... :)

Just adding on. I ran a Windows ME system when I started getting into malware removal, and I recall that logs as .log wouldn't associate. So I'd take hijack.log and rename it to hijack.txt and bingo :P

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thanks for the info... i was quite surprised that users cannot associate log files in the previous versions of MS Windows... isnt it a widely used format...? but at least changing the file extension wont corrupt the file... :P

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these steps will associate the .log extension to the entry for Notepad's .txt extension... i havnt got a chance to try it out... but it should work...

go to Windows Explorer then -> View -> Folder Options -> File Types.

click the "New Type" button.

fill in the three textboxes

- Description of Type -> //Example

- Associated Extension -> .log

- Content Type (MIME) -> text/plain

windows will fill the default extension for "Content Type" box but change it to .log using the dropdown list...

click "Actions" listbox and click the "New" button.

fill in Open for the action and Notepad.exe for the application. Click "OK" button.

Click "Close".

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