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Turbo Delphi is here!


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Borland's "Turbo" name is back, and now you can download Turbo editions of Borland's products for free! (Basically, they're competition for Visual Studio and its "Express" line of free compilers/IDEs.)

So if you wanna get legit (i.e., not using Delphi 7 SE or some other pirated version) and want to use the latest (2006) IDE, they are now available for download. C++, C#, and Delphi for .NET compilers are available, as well!

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Now with direct-downloads and torrents for full ISO images (no need to download app + prereqs, just get a complete ISO!)

Note: only one Turbo app can be installed at a time, I guess.

Tarun: for us, Delphi 7 is probably better - we need the third party components, and the new IDE is a lot different... but one day I might migrate away from 7 (you can still use third party components from code in the Turbo editions, just not from the palette).

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Nice with another free (as in beer) IDE (integrated development environment), too bad it requires getting accounts, aff.

Visual Basic 2005 Express needed you to register (free) to get a key too. What a hassle. I registrated for a free key, but rather not to, if anyone want key, its;


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