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Emailing a video


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What is the file size when it's compressed? Does your pop server (Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, etc) have an attachment limit? Is your virus scanner running and slowing the process of the transfer, making it time-out.

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why not try uploading it to a online hosting site, then emailing the link to your friends?



So far corjello's suggestion is the best in my opinion. The easiest though I have found is transferring them through IM. Email has a size limit, and usually won't allow zip files (I have found from my experience). Good Luck! :D

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Trish, I can't explain the freezing (that could be an issue with your computer), but like others have said, there will be limits imposed on attachments. For example, gmail only allows emails of 10Mb or less to be sent. That limitation includes any text in the body of the email as well, meaning the attachment would need to be smaller than 10Mb.

You could try changing the file extension, instead of being called "video.wmv" for example, name it "video.txt", just be sure to tell the recipient what they need to rename it as when the receive it.

The renaming bit does work btw because I have tried it.

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