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Updated graphics

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Want me to make some?

My suggestion is to make it just a solid colour, and about 20px in height, and a hue colour something like:


Or, alternatively. Use the same gradient image you have now, but change the height via CSS/html and make it slightly smaller..

Also, one more thing =]

The border colour at the bottom of title_cat is still blue. Maybe make it a light gray colour?

Last suggestion, this wont make much diference. But I know we have some 56k users.

With the repeating images. In photoshop select the single column marquee tool and use it on the repeating image (this grabs an 1 x [x] slot of the image) Just to enhance the page loading speed.. Not that it will make too much difference :D

I dont know much about skinning IPB, but yeah they're just my suggestions.

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