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Internet Explorer 7.0

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Uploaded to my server pc and using it already.  Wondering how well it works.


Why do I get the feeling that Microsoft is not doing there jobs right anymore :D I mean I tested out IE7 (The last Beta) and didn't like it too much. I thought Maxthon's 2.0 Preview was better. And yes Maxthon (In my opioion) is better then FireFox ^_^

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and Opera is better than the both of them :D

also, i just tested IE7 and it's a little bit slow. the browser itself i mean. the engine is fine. thank god i can just use IE in Opera. no use for IE7 :D

however, i did download it. i also noticed that it looks weird on Windows Classic. it also doesn't shine when you hover over the tabs which i find to be weird. and visually, it's a bit ugly.

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