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My Father was on a web site getting some tests done for his job and all of a sudden a BIG RED FIST started blinking!!! I wasn't too worried about it, thinking it was the site and something in their program...........BUT......... then he told me that this has been happening on his Hotmail account for quite some time. He says it will blink about 3 times of trying to read email and then it will go away and let him through. Now I'm worried. Has ANYONE had this problem, and what in the world is it and how do we get rid of it?

Thanks in advance :love:


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WOW Just a few minutes ago, I wrote THAT'S IT CAPPY!!!! And then BOOM, lightning and thunder and out went the lights, computer everything, scared me. *breathin deep* Anyway, yes, that's it Cappy! LOL Funny how I went to lunarsoft.net first and didn't even think about "googling" it. LOL

Now how does he get rid of that crap? *going to google it* LOL

Thanks ya'll! :love:

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In case you have not found anything yet TF, you might want to see here:


Alternatively, you might want to uninstall it altogether.

COOl, Thanks again Cappy, we went there, found the tool bar finally, hidden of course, but can't figure out how to uninstall it, it doesn't show up in add/remove, and can't right click to delete. He can't delete all of earthlink, but can't see just the tool bar. We unclicked it.

Got any suggestions?

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I'm afraid there seems no way to get rid of it, from what I have read, so many have tried but nobody has succeeded, even totally uninstalling earthlink does not seem to be a workaround, as the toolbar will just keep trying to reinstall itself afterwards.

It is very similar to malware in fact, and not the sort of thing that large companies should be doing, but they do and it sucks.

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Dad is a hard headed person, prolly won't change ISPs. Besides that, from what Cappy says, it prolly still won't get rid of it, even if I uninstall the whole Earthlink thing. :( But Thanks :love:

When I go over there next, I'll try the highjack, he is always running, AVG, spybot, lavasoft and spyblaster. Hopefully when I'm over there next there will be someone on here to help me with his computer LOL

Thanks a million all and HAVE A GREAT WED! I'm off to work, as usual.

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