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Switching To Comodo

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I did have Outpost Pro, but I'm switching to Comodo now, until the firewall tests have been completed.

After using it, I must say I really like it. Its faster on my system, the UI is nicer, easier to use, its full-featured, its free, and mor importantly, Outpost Pro wasn't able to pass one of the tests in the Comodo Parent Injection Leak Test Suite:


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I use all the programs in Tarun's pro antimalware package. including SuperAntispyware Free Edition...

And i'm safe to say Lunarsoft is the place i trust for all my computer problems :happybday:

Unfortunately for you, having Compaq as your forum avatar/signature strips the creditability of anything you utter. :happybday:

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As of this time I haven't been able to do much with testing them. The AutoPatcher support has not replied to my issue yet. Also, MS VPC doesn't have a snapshot option (if it does, I keep overlooking it). :\

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Well, I use both. Outpost on my pc, Comodo on my server.

I've seen it mentioned recently that Outpost uses trickery to pass some of the leaktests therefore it is not as good as it seems. I would recommend you use Comodo. Free and finishes first in the leaktests.

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