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Why the educated masses don't use Apple/Macs


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I give up! Educated masses indeed! You guys need to use one before you make these pronouncements. And to the guy who paid 1000 whatever to fix it, you're stupid, you should have just taken the money and bought a new Mac.

I give up, I throw in the towel, this is the end! No more Mac vs PC for me =(


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Chill Glade, its just a humorous comic. :hyper:

Some people use Windows/PC, some people use Mac, and some people even use other kinds of systems computers.

Use whatever makes you feel happy, or whatever you happen to prefer. :happybday:

Even though I don't use Mac, I am glad it exists, because it creates diversity which encourages interoperability and standardization.

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Yes, you may have, but when? Was it back in the days of OS7 or something? Macs have changed so much since then. And now, poised on the brink of the newest operating system, Leopard, I'm anticipating even greater things to come!

You have to admit that Vista has copied so many of the MacOSX features and user interface. And Apple's Spotlight search function is still way better than Vista's. I use Vista on my Dell laptop at work and I can see how much has been copied from Apple. I guess it's just natural though to want to look your best...


PS: have you seen the iPhone? I am getting me one?


I actually used a Mac before and.. well. We won't go there. :happybday:
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Yeah, they just settles the dispute with Cisco, think they payed much money, but now both companies can use the iPhone name.

Microsoft is pretty famous for not innovating, heh. :happybday:

But oh well, in the PC industry everybody takes ideas and make their own implementations.

Xerox invented the graphical user interface, heh. :hyper:

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