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Name change

Name change  

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  1. 1. Should I change my name to Cappy?

    • Yes
    • No

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To each his own.

I have been associated with you a short time. New name would be like meeting a new person.

I would still be the same person Mudd, just think of me as Dave, rather than my screen name, that way it would not matter what I call myself. :happybday:

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Funny that, I had been thinking that I could just drop the CAPS after the first C and be Capman, then I look in here and you thought the same Tarun.

I am also thinking that Cappy does sound like a totally different person from CaPMan (or Capman) like Mudd said.

That said, people who like to call me Cappy anyway still can, there is no problem with having a nickname for a nickname.

So, I guess Capman it is, if you wouldn't mind Tarun.

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