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Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 released!

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I use email client because I can get my email when offline and able to login to all my accounts at once...
Though more precisely, you can read your email when you're offline, you have to go online for your computer to get email. If you have several webmail accounts, I suppose the ability to access them all in one inbox could be handy; it's nothing I need, however.
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So, apart from the online thing, other advantages?

Another question, is it password protected (as this is a shared PC)?

Additionally, whats MS Outlook like?

MS Outlook.......... in a nutshell, watching grass grow is more enjoyable and FASTER than waiting for Outlook to load.

On average Outlook2003 takes over 15+ seconds to load, then approx another 5-10 before it starts its TX/RX routine. After having used it for over 4 months the main load time is due to also loading the notes, tasks, calendar and other ancillary crap which you can't turn off.

I've changed to TB which is miles ahead in load speed, however, I would REALLY like to see a calendar with it, would save on loading another program just to check what's happening on my calendar.

Cheers :hello:

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I meant 2007.

However, it won't connect to Hotmail, unless I get a paid subscription. Will it be the same for Thunderbird?

I had MS2007Pro Beta loaded (eval time elapsed on the weekend). Outlook 2007 was just as slow.

Overall the 'face' lift is a waste of time because till you become familiar with it, it's a lot of clicking and searching to get the menu item you want, this goes for all office products. Functionality has increased somewhat with the different applications but are not war stoppers.

If you have MS2003 Office... stick with it as files are cross compatible, I won't be rushing out to buy 2007 Office for the minor (IMO) enhancements, it's a bit like XP or Vista? If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Cheers :hello:

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