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Repair or Reinstall?

Ultimate Predator

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If I was fixing someone else computer, I would just do a repair and get done with it quickly. :hello:

If it was my own computer, then if possible, like if I had backups of everything, then I would prefer todo a complete reinstall and clean everything.

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Excellent, because my prob;e, is that I cna't backup as my stupid drive (or windows) won't detect anything.

You should have made a backup before, because you never know when something unexpected occurs.

You could remove the disk, and insert into another computer as secondary hard disk, and copy over files.

Its always a good idea, to have backup of important data. If its very small, could be put on a USB memory. If more, could be burnt to one or several CD-RW or DVD-RW discs, and if really much, you could purchase an additional harddisk, many like external USB harddisks for backups.

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Epsilon EOD,

I see you didn’t read his other posts but he can’t use his DVD-RW at this moment, this is why he’s looking to reinstall his computer again or to use the repair function.

Ultimate Predator,

I would make a backup any way. Is there a way you could connect your computer to another or borrow a second hard disk? In addition, if you reinstall I would make 2 partitions on that drive so you can keep your personal data on an other partition while you format the "windows drive" and reinstall your OS without thinking and worrying about data-loss. You could also look at Acronis True Image; it makes an Image on another "unseen" partition and can restore your "windows drive" in just a few minutes. I bought Acronis True Image by the way, and I’m very pleased with it.

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