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History of Lunarsoft

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A brief history on Lunarsoft:
When I first started I had many friends who needed help cleaning their computers. They knew that I was interested in computers and I was frequently asked if I knew anything about why they would be having popups, errors, slowdowns and many other issues. I would ask them to send me a HijackThis log and I would detail what they were infected with and explain how to remove it. All in a text document and also a .html document. I actually still have one of these.

Over time word spread about my skills with malware removal. Requests from friends to help clean their machines or their friends computers grew to a point I could no longer handle with ease. One friend whom I had assisted heard of how I needed a bit of help and gave me some free web site and a url on his web hosting service. It was then that I started to write my first ever PC Maintenance guide for widespread use. It was all under one page at the time and there was only one Anti-Malware Package. Over time I began to adapt the packages and guides to cover more and be a bit more flexible to users. This is where the Lite, Standard, Full and Professional packages came from. Over time we have upgraded many things and added things per user suggestions. There is also a Wiki now available which holds the PC Cleanup guide, along with new guides such as the PC Security guide and tutorials on how to use many programs. I hope to change the Anti-Malware packages into a user friendly program that makes it easier for the user to get what they need, instead of the large packages offered.

Lunarsoft has gone through a few changes before arriving where it is today. Here is a look back on the past:


DomainTools archive

Lunarsoft currently features:

  • Forums
  • Downloads
  • FREE Tech support
  • Search website features
  • Polls
  • Wiki
  • Web links
  • RSS Feeds
  • ...and much more!

We also help Dial-a-fix by hosting support forums for these projects. We always welcome member projects!

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Lunarsoft has evolved tremendously, You have definitely put your heart and soul into it. Thank You for making this forum both enjoyable and a fountain of knowledge.

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I don't remember that screenshot, but certanily that layout. Ah,how times have changed.

I didn't saw the old?

Can i have a seen?

Wonderful History!

Really Excited....

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I'm open to suggestions.

I don't know, it seems less active here these days.

Don't know, or if its you who paying less attention.

I'd like to see more high-quality open source Windows software.

And Lunarsoft software open sourced.

I'd like to see software that I can use to automatically and unattendedly do tedious work such as run Windows Update, clean junk, etc.

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If you want to develop and open source the software, I'll give you your own Member Project section in the forums and can also help mirror downloads.

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