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antivirus software

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There's a pretty good range of views here. :P

Seriously, though, I doubt there is a "best". (There may be a "best" in one small time period, for a particular malware, on a particular machine, but there are too many variables.)

"Best" is what works well on your machine with the configuration you have, that you can understand and get help for if needed, and that provides good blocking/cleaning abilities.

I find Avast! Home works well on mine (in combination with a few other goodies) and have no need nor reason to want to change.

It raises the question, what are you using now, to get all these virus attacks of which you speak, and typically how do they happen? What actions or websites trigger them?

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I'd recommend Avira Antivir. The free edition is nice, i rlly like the interface, easy to use , uses light recourses and is effective.

and Tarq is right none of the antivirus programs are perfect, some detect that while the other doesn't. Avast and Avira are both gr8te

And are you getting all sorts of pop-ups, etc maybe your computer is infected, Anti Malware toolkit is handy.

also get : firewall(comodo is gr8te and free), antispyware(malwarebytes anti-malware is nice+superantispyware is nice too), antivirus(Avira or Avast), spywareblaster, spybot search and destroy, you can post a hijack this log in the forum section

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Avira Antivir ranks highest in tests at AV-Comparitives, but I have heard complaints that the free version's updates are very slow to download - and if an AV is not kept up-to-date, it's not fully effective. If you find that to be a problem, you can always switch, of course.

Avast! test ratings are almost as good, and updates are fast. The only drawbacks are an annoying requirement that you register it yearly, and silly skins (which can be disabled, if you don't like them).

I used to use AVG, but switched to Avast! when AVG started slowing my computer down severely - it's pretty effective, but it's a real pig on system resources.

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As of today I am back with Avast on one of my computers, I am happy so far but will give it a while before I put it on all the others.

As far as sorting out other peoples computers goes though, I will still be putting AVG on theirs, because of the fact that Avast needs to be registered yearly and I know that will cause all sorts of problems.

If only Avast could do away with that!

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