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free defragging program ?


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Depends on what you're doing. To defrag the partition where your OS is installed (including systems that have only one partition), use the "System Disk" options. For other partitions that just hold data and/or programs, use the "Data Disk" options. "Monthly" is the most thorough (and takes longest), you should use that the first time you run the program. "Weekly" and "Daily" are faster but less thorough, designed for use when fragmentation is not severe, to refresh things fairly quickly. "Analyze Only" very quickly shows you how bad fragmentation is so you can decide if you need to defrag and what mode to use.

In short - for that laptop you've been working on, run "System Disk Monthly" right now.

The other options are more special-purpose - and "Flash memory disks" is just useless, you shouldn't defrag Flash memory. I guess it's included for those who insist on doing it anyway, it will do less damage than normal defrag.

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