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Need a Wireless Router


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I just bought one, as it happens. Not that I have any special knowledge about which ones are best, but I think there are too many makes and models out there for anyone to keep track of anyway. I just go by the feedback on Amazon. Newegg, and Tiger Direct, you get a pretty large sample of opinions that way on anything that's been sold for a while. I just looked for one that was on sale and was well-reviewed.

This is what I bought; http://www.newegg.co...N82E16833166064. It's $24.99 right now, $5.00 off the regular price, with free shipping ( I had a coupon code for an extra $7.00 off, but you're out of luck on that - that deal expired).

Its maximum speed is 150 Mbps, so it's not for super-fast internet connections - however, setting it up was really easy, and it has good range. It has decent security features, too. How long it will last, and whether the connection will remain stable over time, I couldn't say - I've only had it up for a few hours. Working great so far.

By the way, to use those coupon codes you have to register as an "e-blast insider" - then they send you e-mails ...every...single...day. If you can put up with that, though, they do have some very good deals sometimes.

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I swear by the Linksys WRT54GL and putting Tomato firmware on it.

No doubt that's a much better router, but it costs more. Depends on what your definition of "not to expensive" is - I just checked around, found those on sale for just under 50 bucks in a couple places. If that's not too much for your budget, go for it.
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