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I see it done, and dont know how. How do you post a link without it looking like a link.

For example. If i was to say xxxx website can be found HERE, how do I make HERE become the link? I would like to be able to do this on web forums.

Thank you. :shocking:

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ok lets try it.

a page is here

Yeah BABY! oh yeah!

Thanks a lot CaPMan!

Thats the goods! :shocking:

For Firefox, there's an extension to do that, called Make Link:


It works where that function isn't built-in. It makes hyperlinks in plain text, forum code or html.


i tried to get it, but it says it doesnt work with firefox 1.5.

thanks for the info though, i would love to have that.

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Firefox is already on 1.7, if I'm not mistaken... can't you update it?  See if there's a little red 'tree' in the upper right hand corner of the Firefox Window, right underneath the " _ [ ] X" buttons.

The current version of Firefox is 1.5, the previous one was 1.0.7. It's easy to get confused, they jumped ahead in the numbering system.

I didn't realise the new version of Make Link is still not on Mozilla Update. You can get it from the Author's page.

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On MajorGeeks, they list RC1. It looks like they jumped the gun a little, though. I went to the Nightly Builds page, what they had was an RC1 candidate. So it's not a release candidate, it's a release candidate candidate... more confusion from the murky minds at Mozilla.

Anyway, the final release of is supposed to be in about 3 weeks, but don't be surprised if that gets pushed back.

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