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Paper Throw


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Whoa, this must have been a fluke.. I just got on a role, and kept going.. 19 yay!



Suuuure you did... can never trust those guys who give "screenshots" and use Photoshop!

No, just kidding, that score r0XX0rs my s0XX0rs. You have a gift. :cry:

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15? i couldnt make one


YES!!! I beat MP! :D

here is me beating you with a trout to mock you :)

here is you, pounding your head on a brick wall in shame :cry:

here is me laughing at you pounding your head on a brick wall ;)


Yeah, and both of you got beat by a girl. :lol:

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It's like golf. Easy.

Edit: I think it's funny to look down and see you on this page mp.Don't you have tabbed browsing to cover up the shame?


i have nothing to hide..except my lameness at playing games.

EDIT: why you spying on me? are you worried i'm going to beat your score?

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