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Double Slit Experiment

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i almost threw up, that was possibly the worst thing to see ever, how could you do that?

My education ends abruptly at 3:20 every day. No more, no less.



wtf bro? why is it the worst thing you have ever seen? Its QM.

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so, like when do you ever use FTW and FTL in context? honestly, "Ignorance of acronyms FTW!" just doesnt make any sense.




corjello, why must you make a mockery of my infinite brilliance? Please just accept that my acronyms r0xx0r your s0xx0rs, and perhaps even use them from time to time.

Also, in case you ever become as 1337 as myself, maybe you should check out the Urban Dictionary. It taught me everything I know. Almost.

So, in retrospect:

A life without Urban Dictionary for the lose.

And hufu, for the definitive win.

By the way, if you want to know more about hufu, check out the website under my profile. You have much to learn, young weedhopper.

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