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ewido anti-spyware has changed AGAIN


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Now it's known as AVG Anti-Spyware.

It'll go through some testing before it's sent out in any anti-malware packages. Looks like the user interface got a slight makeover as well.

I'm going to look into it further after work today. :D

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1. I like the new highlighted blue tab color.

2. I hate the name of it.

3. The program is even better then that of the Anti-Virus program and I mean as in Development.

Guys come on, AVG only tweaked a couple of things like the GUI and Interface. Nothin was really changed.

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It scanned some Vista ISOs and other files and made a huge drag on the system.  First program to ever do that.  Not even Doom 3 did that.


So what if it scanned slow. Yes, that can lead to a freeze up or the BSOD but hey they will hopefully look into those Issues.
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