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Our pictures

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Me: img339bj.th.jpg

My Girlfriend: img44lulu5wf.th.jpg

I'll be with her forever, Through life and death! *Bought her a promise ring during Feb. :P * *Don't worry, She's not keeping me away from my computer job ^_^ * Being that I'm 19 I'm still a Teenager but I know lot's about computers and software. For now. I'm more focused on my girlfriend. Is that a wrong or... right thing to do? lol, it's the right thing in this time in my life ^_^

Cheers :P

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Surely we do. We have alot in common though. That's the funny part in our relationship :D

Huh, me and her....



So cute! :P

Bad news: Ehh... we won't be seeing each other during the week cause I got to work :wish:

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Another two geart pic.'s Comment if ya want...



Age to me doesn't mater in this world (Only a 4 years difference anyways. I'm 19 and she's 15). As long as she loves me back deeply within her heart I'm happy. Saturday will be our one year being together so congratz us will ya :D

Going to the movies that night (YAY!).

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