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Firefox 2.0


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Just do a clean install. Backup or delete your profile and let it create a new one. Back up your bookmarks and take note of your extensions. It takes less than 10 minutes and it's very worthwhile.

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Mwuhahahahahaha! My ebil plans for FF are working..... notworking.gif

Come over to the darkside my son....

I feel the Opera to be strong in you....

Cheers :love:

Hi, remember when I used Opera and back then I hated FireFox (For a reason that I regretted)? Well, now I use FireFox now. I've grown to love it. Though yes... I of course still Opera is a god browser but it needs improvement for Ad-blocking. Of course yeah... still I use Maxthon 1.5.8 and 2.0 Preview (Which is awhole lot better then IE7 :love: ).
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