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Testing firewalls


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What would you suggest as an alternative?

An alternative to what?

To that particular firewall testing site.

No idea, I guess not many would spend the effort to test and compare all firewalls and continuously keep the list updated.

I guess you could google for "firewall comparison".

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_firewalls

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I remember being on dial-up and switching from ZoneAlarm to Outpost. It was an amazing difference how much faster Outpost was over ZA.

After having gone through this thread (and not as yet having used Outpost) do you recommend it over Comodo, or should I change to Outpost?

Cheers :)

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Well, I prefer freebies over pay stuff, unless you pay for a lifetime license.

Comodo works well, but Outpost could outrank it by a few extra features that were very nice.

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