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The Union Jack

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Just clearing this up.

The Union Jack, the flag that represents the United Kingdom or Great Britain:


The St George, the flag that represents England:


The St Andrews, the flag that represents Scotland:


The original Union flag that combined the flags of England and Scotland:


The St Patrick, the flag that represents Ireland:


Which was eventually combined with the 2 flags already present in the Union flag, thus resulting in the Union Jack that can be seen at the top of this post.

The three flags making the one:


The Welsh flag is not included because they were already united with England when the first Union flag was created.

These flags date back to between the 1100's and 1800's, and a newer flag might now be used by one of the countries mentioned.

I personally choose the English flag rather than the Union Jack as a means of representation.

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We seem to have become very patriotic over the last few years, if there is a major sports event like football or something then houses all over England can be seen with the St George flag hanging out side, the Union Jack does not get a look in anymore.

Would of loved to have seen a reply in here from JMac, to see if it is the same in Scotland.

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Found out over the last 2 weeks that the Cornish (Cornwall is the South Western part of the UK) have a flag of their own despite being part of the UK, seems they see the rest of the UK as foreigners and would rather have their own things.

The Cornish flag:


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Meh. I'm pretty anti-patriotic. I can't be proud of a country that has committed so many wrongs.

Me too.

However, I do think that Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand are way cooler than USA, Cuba, Poland, Africa, Arab-countries, etc.

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