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Free graphics card


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Wow, for free. Nice!

It's a good card for an older computer...

Considering its an AGP card, you probably don't get a much better card for an old computer, since all new cards are PCI Express.

I don't understand how it can get free after a rebate though... then they don't make any money... then why would they do that?

Doesn't make any sense... unless it was cheaper to give them away than to recycle them...

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My sister built this computer from a bare-bones kit, it's the cheapest system she could get that would be XP-capable (though the booklet that came with it talks about installing Win98). Though more RAM has been added, and the HDD has been upgraded, the power supply hasn't been. Pretty sure it's less than 200W.

It would definitely handle more video card than it has now, though - it's AGP 4X capable, the card it's got is an 8MB AGP 2X (did I mention cheap?). Universal AGP slot, apparently, so any AGP card would fit - whether it would have the power to run properly is the question.

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People often buy power supplies that can provide far much more power than they need.

I think many computers would do very fine with 200-300 W power supply.

I think your computer would probably run this card even if it has only a 200 W power supply.

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Check out my post #5 above - they were gone in one day.

You find most free / vrey cheap offers like this go in one or two days -

Pity I'm in Aust - They usually don't send these offers out to us -

Local U.S.A. only most times -

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