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hey all, just poppin in to see whats happenin. don't know how many of you would remeber me from the older site lunarsoft.locias.. but i specialize in Network Administration and Graphic Design.. I give whatever help i can and home i help all of you out at some time or another.



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I used to, played for about 2 years.. had 3 mule accounts plus my main account packed to the rim with unided items. (good items.. like T-Gods, Windforces, Shaftstops, Shakos, Occys, Grandfathers, Shaffers Hammers, Stormshields, etc... not bad items like the chu-ko nu crossbows and so on) my friends continued to play for about 3 months after i left.. so when i left i took all my stuff made a password protected game and threw everything on the ground. told my friends the gamename///password and seeing 6 people run around grabing as much stuff and switching characters was welll worth it.

Once 1.10 came out that was it for me. didn't like it at all. so don't play anymore.

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man, your missing out, i enjoy it even better now. 1.11 is out and its amazing, theve added some pretty insaine world events that are impossible to do without at least 5 godly characters. Its so much fun, if you ever start playing again, just throw a pm my way


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