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August Desktop 2006

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Kicking things off, I just recently made myself a new wallpaper.



* - More like when I first boot up in the morning.

** - My every day activity. :P

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How do you like this one?

It's a rare atmospheric phenomenon, ice crystals in the upper atmosphere making this rainbow effect. It covered about 100 square miles in Idaho (Or was it Montana?), and lasted about an hour.

The original photo had a big ugly streak in it, which I laboriously edited out with The GIMP. Can anybody tell where it was?

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Nice lokoike...

Dual-core CPU?  Looks like you had two graphs there... that's on your new uber-l337 PC right?  Whatever happened to your old, can't-play-BF2-or-CS:S-PC?  You left me behind  :D j/k


Yeah, the new rig's got an Athlon X2 4200+.

I gave my old notebook to my girlfriend. It's faster than her old computer (if you can believe that)! :D

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