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Happy Birthday TexasFilly

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And Cappy, I was only about 4 days late seeing this :love:

When I come in here, no one seems to be in, just me, puttering about the place. It's sad and lonely! LOL

I do appreciate ya'll wishing me a Good one! I did have a GREAT one, first time that I had a job and actually got my Birthday off. Didn't do a dang thang either. Well, Mom and Dad came over with my B-day pie, ( I always get Mom's lemon pie instead of cake) and they brought me a steak dinner. W O N D E R F U L!!!! :fun:

Thanks again ya'll and I'm still thinking of each and everyone of you!

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Yes, it's been really slow around here - I guess everybody's busy Christmas shopping or something. Glad to here your birthday was good - do they put candles on the lemon pie?

LOL yes, they put candles on the pie, but not 52!!! It would out weigh the pie. :happybday:

Ok, it's after Christmas, and after New years and still no one here, but it's 10:44pm my time, maybe that's why.

Been working really hard on this lawsuit. Mediation tomorrow, not sure what's gonna happen, but bet I say NO, go ALL THE WAY!!! LOL

Still think of all of you and miss ya too

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