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How fast is your Internet?

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Wow, not even 1/5th of 1MB... That looks painful.

No, dialup was painful. It seems faster than that, actually; I was surprised the numbers were that low. Not a fluke, repeat tests were worse yet.

Oh, and I got the price wrong, it's only $14.95 - for the first three months, then it goes up to $40.00. That's renting the modem, we could do better if we bought our own. I think we should, after completing this contract, they're not that expensive.

I was also surprised to see Century Link shown as the ISP, since we're buying the service from EarthLink. Not sure what the deal is.

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To get cable for that, we'd have to get a bundle with unlimited long distance and cable TV, services we don't need or want, and pay 3 times as much in total. Can't afford that.

I got mixed up about the modem deal, it was CenturyLink that had the choice of renting a modem or paying $10.00 a month less and buying a modem (I'd have gone with that deal if it was my choice, but it wasn't). By getting the deal from EarthLink, we got a "free" modem (hah! a quick search found an identical modem for about $60.00). Not sure if we own the modem at the end of the 1-yr contract; the only thing that's clear is we have to return the equipment if we terminate the contract early, which implies that we don't after that. I wish I was certain of that.

Anyway, we're not paying $40.00 - average in the three cheap months, we're paying $33.75. Low speed is undoubtedly because we're so far from the provider (50 miles from Portland), one of the penalties of rural living. The service is "up to 6Mb/s", but at this range... :sick: .

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We're supposed to have a new modem on the way. I'm curious to see if our speeds improve beyond what they are now which is higher than my last picture.

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