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Upgrading your computer


Hardware Upgrades  

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  1. 1. What do you want to upgrade the most this year?

    • Hard Drive
    • Graphics Card
    • Power Supply
    • Network Card
    • Monitor
    • Keyboard/Mouse
    • Speakers
    • CD/DVD Drive
    • Sound Card
    • Motherboard
    • Processor
    • RAM

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Recently (past few days), I upgraded my power supply unit because I suspected the one I had was getting bad.

Turned it wasn't, but oh well, at least now I got better and decent power supply unit.

A Corsair VX450W. It has sleeved cables, higher energy efficiency (80 PLUS), and feels overall good quality.

What I need to upgrade is my monitor, since I am stuck with an 19" CRT. But it is such an hard decision, which requires compromising. I hate to compromise.

I want a <10mm thin LED monitor with <1ms delay, no ghosting, no bleeding. :D

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I’m going for the new line from nVidia, if the price on there upcoming 9600GT is right then I might pick that one. Now I’m using a temporary card, just a 7200GS (cheapest I could find).

I have the 8600GT, it is alright. I can play games with it, it performs okay.

9600GT will be a little better/faster I guess. But it will still have DirectX 10, it won't have DirectX 10.1. But 10.1 is not a big change, its just a small unimportant change anyways.

I heard the 9600GT wont be much better than 8600GT, which I heard wasn't much better than the 7600GT.

9600GT will probably be a decent choice for most people. It will probably satisfy most people, except the hardcore who wont settle for anything but 9800 or better.

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The specs that leaked out show some thing different, how about half the calculation power of he 8800GTS (G92) and the same memory bandwidth, also supporting the upcoming DirectX 10.1. :D

Yeah, I read that it would be worse than 8800 (G92), but slightly better than 8600.

I read that it only supported DirectX 10, not 10.1, but oh well, remains to be seen...

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Hard drive for me... I've already got lots, but it's filling up fast (funny how that happens, no?). I'm hoping to move my file server from 2x250GB//2x1TB//6x500GB to 2x750GB//8x1TB. I'll move four of the 500GB drives into my workstation in RAID10, and the two 320's in my workstation to my computer at work.

I think I might have found a source for cheap 1TB drives... ($150 a piece) :)

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