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I started this topic on another forum and didn't bother to edit it any. I sort of have been here for years anyway though so I don't think it really matters. :P

Ok guys, some of us have been hanging out here for years and if you've been anything like me than you've probably installed/removed hundereds of programs by now. So now I'm curious after all this time have you found your select "set" of programs that you've decided on or do you still switch them out weekly/daily/whatever. I have definitely settled on my select programs that I've been using day in/out for the last year or more. I actually very rarely try new stuff anymore(shocking, I know).

So if you've settled on your programs then what are they?

Here is basically my pc in a nutshell:

Browser: Firefox with adblock plus and firegestures.

Office Suite: MS Office 07

Audio Player:WMP 11

Archive Program: 7zip

Chat/IM: Pidgin

PDF Reader:Foxit

Pictures: Picasa(Still cant emphasize enough how awesome this program is)

Cleaning/Tweaking: CCleaner, desktop maestro, autoruns

Security: I have avast on my laptop currently and hijackthis

Burning/Converting Music/ect: Ashampoo free, Foobar(lame mp3 encoding), dvd fab, shrinkto5

Thats pretty much it, out of all the stuff that I've used over the years this is pretty much all I use on a daily basis. When I reformat my computers these are the only programs I bother installing anymore.

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Well, now I mostly use Ubuntu Linux, and only start Windows once a month to fetch updates.

But I still use some software in Ubuntu that I used in Windows, such as Mozilla Firefox, VLC media player and OpenOffice.org.

In Ubuntu I use Rhythmbox (media player), Firefox (web browser), Evince (PDF viewer), OpenOffice.org (office suite).

In Windows, I use Apache (web server) with PHP (web scripting) and MySQL (database server) for web-development.

I also use VLC media player, 7-Zip, Miranda IM, OpenOffice.org.

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  • Administrator

Browser: Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 (as of this post) with the following extensions:

Office Suite: Microsoft Office 2007

Audio Player: foobar2000

Video Player: WMP11 for most videos, VLC for DVDs.

Compression: 7zip

Chat/IM: Pidgin / mIRC

PDF Reader: FoxIt

Pictures: Windows Photo Gallery

Cleaning/Tweaking: CCleaner, Autoruns

Security: Comodo Firewall

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Browser: Firefox with: Adblock plus, flasblock, WOT

Office Suite: Microsoft Office 2007

Audio Player: foobar2000

Video Player: VLC

Compression: Winrar

Chat/IM: Windows Live messenger

PDF Reader: FoxIt

Pictures: Windows Photo Gallery

Cleaning/Tweaking: CCleaner, Defragller, Auslogic Registry Defrag

Security: Comodo Firewall + Avira Antivir 1 year free premium + SpywareGuard+Spywareblaster+Ad Aware Anniversary edition+ Superantispyware+anti malwarebyte+ Hijack this + Spybot S and D

That's enough protection right? :P

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Security Protection

BitDefender Internet Security

Prevx Edge 3.0

On Demand Security Scanners


Hazard Shield ( showing support for members project )

Security Tool Box

AntiMalware Toolkit ( showing support fo members project )

Assassin SE v5.1.1 ( http://blacklistsoft.com/index.php )

Disk Management

Diskeeper Home Edition

Drive Cleaners


PureRa ( showing support for members project )

ATF Cleaner

Registry Cleaner

Comodo Registry Cleaner

File Compression




Instant Messenger


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Anti-Spyware: Spyware Blaster, Spybot S&D, HijackThis

CD/DVD Management: ConvertXtoDVD, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and Windows Media Player 11 (Included in Windows)

Disk Management: JKDefrag and Recuva

File-Sharing: uTorrent

FTP: FileZilla

General Utilities: 7Zip, iNFO, Foxit Reader and Unlocker

Graphics: Paint.NET

Instant Messenger: Windows Live Messenger with A-Patch

Media Players/Codecs: Real Alternative, QT Lite with VLC Media Player or just K Lite Mega Codec Pack

Office: Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise or OpenOffice

PC Visuals: XPize or Vize

Web Program: Notepad ++

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A bit of an old thread, but oh well.

Security: Comodo Internet Security, Threatfire

Cleaner: Comodo System Cleaner

Office Suite: Office 2k3, Symphony 1.3

DVD/Video Utils: KMPlayer, InfraRecorder

Audio Utils: Songbird, BonkEnc

PDF Utils: doPDF Creator, ExpERT PDF Reader

Disk Utils: MyDefrag, EASEUS

File Utils: IZArc

Sharing/Transfer Utils: Deluge, BladeFTP

Graphics: Paint.NET

Browser: K-Meleon

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