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The list has been more than just updated. Every link was manually checked and all bad links were Googled. Programs older than two years were removed to ensure compatibility.

Keep the great suggestions coming!

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I guess my first post will be (hopefully) adding a few new helpful apps to the freeware list.

...AdiIRC IRC Client

Threaded Multiservers, System Information, DCC File Transfers, Fullscreen Opacity and Transparency,

Background Images, Full Message Logging, Easy Message Search, SSL Connections, Portable

...Launchy Keystroke Launcher

Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders,

and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!


Read many video and audio file formats, Different methods of viewing information (text, sheet, tree, HTML...)

You can customize views, Exporting information as text, CSV, HTML...), Graphical Interface, Command Line, or DLL

Integration with MS-Windows shell (drag 'n' drop, and Context menu)

...Python Programming Language

Python is a dynamic object-oriented programming language that can be used for many kinds of software development.

...WebSiteZip Packer

A free and easy-to-use application which will help you to turn a single HTML page or a group of pages into a solid

executable file (.exe) with an integrated HTML browser. Ideal for e-books, product catalogs, site demos, manuals,

and searchable information distribution.

Note: This app is dated but before you reject it try it out. I have been using it to create single executable

documents for myself and find the program the best free app of it's type. Very limited CSS but many very

handy HTML tags are supported that aid in creating nice (stand-alone / portable) guides, e-books etc.

...XBMC Media Center

XBMC is an award winning media center application for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and XBox. The ultimate hub for all

your media, XBMC is easy to use, looks slick, and has a large helpful community.

Note: Long list of features - too many to list - keyword being Ultimate!

Also, I did search every link in the list to make sure I didn't repeat an already mentioned program, sorry if I

missed one with my list.

If I can be so bold as to make a request in my first post. I think an alpha numeric consolidated list would be

nice so a search can be performed in a single document to make sure an app is not already on the list. I did

look but might have missed this feature (my eyes don't work like they used to).


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The list has been updated on the wiki. Dead links removed and every link checked/updated. Even changes to https have been done.

If you have software you're interested in that's free, post or add it to the wiki!

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