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I recently learned that my Tuneup Utilities 2006 has a styler. I use to use windowsblinds and all that other stuff which slowed down my pc a lot. This has a boot screen and welcome screen plus icon packages and styles for my toolbars. awesome. So here is what my "new" pc looks like and it isn't slow at all. :D

Well, have you asked "it" what it is??

Myabe it wants a gender--what do you think? :)


Well i guess i would have to call him a him cause i always do. lol. :D

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here's a new one. main changes are with the dock :D





those images that i posted are very highly compressed. i doubt that you can make smaller versions of them, but meh.

also, does anyone know of any good Playing icons? the ones that i have are kinda boring...

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