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Thoughts On Kaspersky

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I think kaspersky still has one if not the best AV engines. It detects stuff that none of the others do.

However as a full application it IS heavy and will slow down old computers. I mainly just use their online scanner.

Yes You Observed that!

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In every test I've seen, Dr. Web's detection rates are not nearly as good, sadly. Kaspersky also has a free scanner, the Virus Removal Tool: http://downloads5.kaspersky-labs.com/devbuilds/AVPTool/

Unfortunately, it's a rather large download, 39.6 MB for the current build vs 14.9 MB for Dr Web CureIt. Since neither can be updated (you have to download the whole thing to get the latest virus definitions), it makes the Kaspersky tool a pain to use for anyone without a broadband connection. And, it requires installation, unlike CureIt - plus it runs a process that ties up some memory, even though it has no real-time protection. You have to turn off its self-protection before you can uninstall it, too. For an emergency virus-cleaning tool, that's ridiculous - I just wish Dr Web worked as well.

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In every test I've seen, Dr. Web's detection rates are not nearly as good, sadly. Kaspersky also has a free scanner, the Virus Removal Tool: http://downloads5.kaspersky-labs.com/devbuilds/AVPTool

(I was refering to Kasper Vs Trend Micro online and found Kasper the easier) - ;)

Thanks for that greenknight - I was wondering where on the scale (if you are aware) does Dr Web rate - (It is often not listed in comparisons) - ;)

I have used Dr Web (in particular the full scan) if I thought I had hit an infection on a download - (Quick scan first then full) - This takes ages to run and seems to look in every little nook of the system - When I would set full scan I would check every half hour (seemed to take hours) even on a small and 70% free system like mine -

As you say it is never an update, you delete the old version and install the latest version - (at least in free version)

I often use this for people who have troubles downloading MBAM as it still seems to get past some 'blockers' -

P.S. I know of one person with a Kasper CD and they needed an update while here (on a laptop) - This seemed to be a bit confusing and lengthy for them - I will try to get more info from them later - :D

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You do have to look hard to find tests that include Dr Web, but I have managed to find a few.

In Virus Bulletin's archives of past VB100 test, it says Dr Web passed 25 times - and failed 25 times.

AV-Comparatives includes about 16 of the top AVs in their regular tests - Dr Web has never made it into that group. They did include it in a test over "other AVs" in 2007 which is no longer accessible - if I recall correctly, it detected close to 90% of the samples, while the best AVs detect 99%,and several did 97% or more. Dr Web also had quite a few false positives.

Dr Web isn't terrible, just not really good. I would definitely not rely on it as my primary AV. Cure It could be considered useful as a backup scanner - if you have lots of time for the scan.

As for Trend Micro's online scan - way too slow for me. I agree, Kaspersky's is better, so is BitDefender's.

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I found Dr Web Cure It (free vresion) to be similar as both are Russian type built -

The free on line scanner seems quicker and less complicated (for an idiot like me) than Trend Micro -

(Only personal observations) -

Where can we get it?

. Kaspersky also has a free scanner, the Virus Removal Tool: http://downloads5.ka...builds/AVPTool/

I like your opinion!

because i'm fan of kaspersky

but Dr.Web is not a bad program (we should not through it away)

it have a specilized feature!

do you know it?

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Just Google it BKR -

What 'special feature' do you know of -

What we've to say about it!

it's nothing but it performs well!

thats all

i like the Kaspersky antivirus because of getting Better Performence , Good Security , Nice deal with Kaspersky ,and so on

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