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Ok. First thing, Hello. I, like Trish, am a little computer illiterate. But if you explain it to me enough, I will get it. I have come to the conclusion that a select few of you are disturbed. I think I have found a home. I like long walks on the beach and a man that plucks his eyebrows. I am also fluent in Gibberish. Nice to meet ya all. :shocking:

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A man that plucks his eyebrows? And you think we're disturbed? :lol:

I'm even more disturbed after seeing your avatar...Welcome aboard, you should fit right in. We're always happy to have another loonie here! :sick:


What IS that avatar anyway? After looking at it, and looking at it, I still cannot make out what it signifies! There are several comments about it so there must be something I'm not getting! Someone please enlighten me!

Another thing: I've noticed a number of posters whose age is shown as "98", are you guys REALLY 98??? If so, thanks for making a 60 year-old feel like a young thing again!

Enjoying this forum hugely,

Glade ; )

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