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Why did you choose your current avatar?

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Figured this might be a fun little game of sorts. Just basically say what your avatar is, be descriptive since avatars can be changed so frequently!

Avatar: Doctor Who.

Why?: I'm a big fan of Doctor Who because of DjLizard. David Tennant is my favorite Doctor since I started watching. He seems to really fit into the role from things I've read and seen. He's great at fixing things and I respect that and what The Doctor stands for. I can relate, and enjoy helping people and fixing things.

So how about you all? :gold:

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Avatar: an illustration from the Middle Ages of the Green Knight, from the Arthurian legend "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight".

Why: I came up with "greenknight" as a chess room handle, originally; 'cause I really like to use my knights aggressively, and I'm an organic gardener. It just seems to get more appropriate as time goes on, acquires new layers of meaning.

I searched long and hard to find a good Green Knight picture I could use as an avatar, finally found one I liked. It's been in the public domain for centuries - actually, it predates the concept of copyrights. :gold:

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Mine is from the most awesome video game to come out in ages: GEARS OF WAR 2!!

You must play this game! Epic from start to finish. Its like everything you've ever thought was cool in an action movie amped up to the highest possible degree of badassness.

oh and if you don't like it: :P (yeah I'm going to be using this smiley for a while...)

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I Like Monty Python's Mr. Gumby and my brain hurts occasionally but my back hurts when its going to rain and I need headcover due to being an Aquarius.

Which reminds me of my favorite slogan that is an adaption of a phrase from Apocalypse Now:

I love the smell of burning malware in the morning.

Its the smell of Victory.

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i like syfy a bit due to a very bad accident at work in 2001 ,where my right shoulder was mess up very badly - out of work for almost 3 years in which some of my friend's kids got me to play video games - but i seen back in the late 80's the flat and stick like gaming look .yes i play the hell of pong but halo blew my mind ......love it still !

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