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Purposefully infected secondary computer

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I've taken my recently networked secondary computer and infected it with the following:

  • WinFixer
  • WHEN.U Save NOW
  • WinAntiVirus
  • Recipes
  • MsgPlus
  • IMGiant

Anything else I can get infected with? :D

I basically aim to slam the pc with all kinds of infections and then practice removing the faster and identifying how they work.

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The more spyware and adware I can get onto this secondary machine, the better. I wanna load it down with malware so I can reload alternative methods of malware on it. :D

Keep posting any that is commonly or uncommonly known and I'll infect this baby. :D

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To continue from my other post from MSFN...

If I knew the person was the same one as here then I would of posted my list on here - I feel a lot more comfortable here.


Hacker Defender


thecoolpics[DOT]com <<<Site might of been taken down now.



Try smitfraud if you can find it.


Purity scan

Pepper trojan (AKA Memory watcher - google for site but don't download/ install it unless you know what your doing)

If you want to visit some dodgy sites to download some crap then check out the MVPs HOSTS files.

It has a list of bad sites. http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.txt

EDIT:> 6/12/2006 My installer for the bagle got nuked by and online AV scan....so i haven't got that installer anymore

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